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Our indoor range is a state of the art shooting facility featuring eight 15-yard pistol lanes and five 25-yard rifle lanes.

Allen Arms Indoor Range

Our indoor range is a state of the art shooting facility featuring eight 15-yard pistol lanes in one bay, and five 25-yard rifle lanes in another. It is capable of handling any caliber firearm below the power level of .50 BMG. Each position has an automated target retrieval system which allows the shooter to control the desired shooting distance. The range is well lighted and features excellent ventilation.

The range has been constructed in accordance with the National Rifle Association's Range Guidelines to assure the safety and health of all users and employees. Sound, safety and health concerns have been the foremost consideration in its design. The facility is handicap accessible at all points. Spectators may view the action through double glass walls from our attractive, comfortable, and upscale lounge and retail areas.

Allen Arms Indoor Range

Our indoor range offers a safe, friendly and comfortable shooting experience. We host a variety of shooting events including casual target practice, organized competitions and formal training classes. Daytime and evening training classes are offered throughout the week and on weekends. The range and training rooms are available for private rental for law enforcement and security training, corporate guest entertainment, or other more casual events.

Range Fees

Range fees are per session. A "session" is defined as a visit to Allen Arms Indoor Shooting Range. We reserve the right to limit sessions to one hour if other customers are waiting for lanes. All lanes limited to two shooters unless special permission is obtained in advance.

Single Session

  • One Adult Shooter: $10.00
  • Two Adult Shooters on Same Lane: $7.50 Each
  • Children under 18 with paying adult guardian: Free

Ladies Day

Every Wednesday is Ladies Day! Women shoot for free. Additionally, women receive 20% off range memberships.

Red, White & Blue Discounts

Law Enforcement, Active Duty and Former Military, First Responders, and Security personnel pay only $5.00 per session any time, and receive 50% discount on memberships!

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

We also offer a complete line of rental firearms and gear, from basic handguns to advanced tactical equipment, including fully automatic weapons and suppressed firearms. This will allow you to try out a potential purchase, by having the option of trying a similar item before buying. Rental fees will be applied to the purchase price of a similar item.

Equipment Rental Prices:

Rimfire Rifles & Handguns (.22 Caliber): $8.00

Centerfire Rifles & Handguns: $12.00

Shotguns: $12.00

Full Auto Weapons: $20.00

Suppressors: $10.00

Specialty Firearms: $15.00

Flat Rate Equipment Rental

For those who wish to try a variety of weapons and accessories, we offer a flat rate rental fee of $25.00 per session. This allows you to shoot any number of rental firearms - Unlimited! Please note: All ammunition fired in rental equipment must be purchased at the range.

Facility Rental

Our facilities are available for private rental for law enforcement and security training, corporate guest entertainment, or other more casual events. Parties are welcome! You get the complete use of the training rooms for a party, event, and/or safety briefing, all safety gear needed, staff supervision and coaching, firearms rental, and targets. All this for only $25 per person! (Ammunition is extra, and must be purchased at the range for all events.)

For an additional $10 per person, we include the use of our fully automatic and suppressed firearms! This pricing represents a significant reduction in individual rates. There is no time limit. Adjacent lanes and supervision are provided.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required for private events, and it will be applied to the final bill.

All safety rules apply, and obviously, no alcohol consumption before or during the event is allowed. Specific details and options can be negotiated. Please contact us for more information.

Facility Rental


Allen Arms has expanded the benefits of membership, with no additional costs to members. Now, in addition to shooting all year with no range fees, members will also receive a 5% discount on all regularly priced merchandise. This discount will apply to current and future members. This includes firearms, ammunition, holsters, cleaning gear, targets, etc. Fees, labor costs, NFA items, and promotional priced items are not included. A membership card and photo ID are required at time of purchase.

A membership is an annual fee that entitles the holder to shoot with no range fees throughout the year. All members and shooters must be legally qualified to possess firearms, and affirm so at each shooting session. All rules pertaining to children, 2nd shooters on the same lane, etc. apply.


Range Safety Rules

Membership entitles the member to use the range shooting facilities for no additional fees.

  • Family membership entitles either or both spouses to use the shooting facilities for no additional fees, and dependents under 21 when accompanied by one of the adults.
  • Other fees incurred with range use still apply, such as up charge for ammunition not purchased at the range, competition entry fees, training fees, equipment rental, etc.
  • Range use is on a space available basis, and only during normal, posted hours.
  • All other of the Range Rules, as posted at the range and on the website, still apply.
  • Failure to comply with those Rules may result in being removed from the range. Repeated or severe infractions may result in revocation of the membership.
  • The membership card must be presented each time the member signs in to shoot, and will be held with the drivers license until the session is completed and incurred expenses have been settled.

Individual Membership


Family Membership

$200.00 (Includes spouse and children under 21)

Red, White & Blue Discounts

Law Enforcement, Active Duty and Former Military, First Responders receive 50% discount on memberships!

Range Rules

We apologize for having so many rules. Like you, we don't really care for rules. But your health and safety are our foremost concerns. It is our goal that you enjoy your time with us. Many shooters will be inexperienced. Many will have unsafe habits, or wish to act in ways that adversely affect others or the safe operation of the range. We need to operate the range so that it is safe, healthy, efficient, effective, and pleasant for our guests. To assure these goals are met, we reluctantly present the following rules, and ask that you familiarize yourself with them and follow them when you visit. We believe you will find them reasonable, and less restrictive than most ranges. If there is any doubt or question as to what a rule refers to, or the rationale behind it, please feel free to contact us for more information.

As we are involved in the carrying and firing of firearms, it is critical to behave in a totally civil manner. There is to be no arguing, shouting, threatening, intimidation, pushing, or fighting tolerated. Such behavior may result in expulsion from the range, including permanently, totally at the discretion of the management.

All shooters are required to watch a short safety orientation video and pass a subsequent test prior to shooting. Or you can watch the video here at your convenience and then take the test in person on your next visit to Allen Arms.

Range Safety Rules

  • All firearms must be holstered or cased when not on the range. No long arms to be loaded. Only those legally entitled to carry may carry loaded holstered hand guns.
  • All firearms are subject to inspection by range personnel.
  • Range officers will caution or expel anyone displaying unsafe handling of a firearm, depending on number and type of behavior. Range personnel may deny access to anyone apparently under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Age: Handgun shooters must be a minimum of 18 years of age, or accompanied by an adult of 21 or over. Shooters under 21 may rent or purchase long guns and buy ammunition for long guns on their own. They may not buy or rent handguns, or buy handgun ammunition on their own, due to federal law, but they may bring their own handguns and ammunition to shoot as that is approved by South Carolina law.
  • Anyone entering the range must wear eye and ear protection.
  • No more than 2 shooters on a lane without prior approval.
  • There are no caliber limitations.
  • Firearms must remain holstered or cased until on the firing line. Any firearm not in use must have an OBI (Open Bolt Indicator) inserted. No loaded unholstered firearms are to leave the firing lane for any reason whatsoever. If problems are encountered, keep the firearm pointed downrange and alert range personnel.
  • Upon hearing the command CEASE FIRE unload all firearms,lay firearms down, and step back from firing line until range personnel release the line.
  • No expectant mothers allowed on the range at any time. Even very small amounts of lead contamination can affect unborn children.
  • All firearms must be kept pointed downrange when unholstered or uncased. FAILURE TO CONTROL MUZZLE DIRECTION WILL RESULT IN EJECTION FROM THE RANGE.
  • All rifle fire must be aimed fire - no shooting rifles from the hip.
  • We must insist that you comply with all instructions from range personnel or you will be asked to leave.
  • Please report any observed unsafe behavior by others.
  • It is strongly advised that you wash your hands when finished shooting, prior to eating, drinking, or smoking.
  • No smoking, food, or drink in the range area at any time.

General Safety Rules

All members and shooters must not be legally prohibited from possessing firearms, and affirm so at each shooting session.

  • Without prior arrangements, all ammunition to be used at the range must be purchased at the range. Reloaded range ammunition can not be taken out of the range, or otherwise discarded. We will not charge for unopened unused ammunition.
  • No range brass is to be thrown away or taken from the range.
  • For those choosing to use ammunition not purchased at the Range, we have the following conditions: no lead bullets- jacketed bullets only; industry standard pressures; no armor piercing, incendiary, or tracer rounds; no heavily lubed bullets causing excessive smoke; brass must have heads distinctively marked for identification; ammunition must be presented for inspection prior to shooting, and brass presented after shooting; each shooter using outside ammunition will be assessed an extra $5.00 fee.
  • All damages caused by errant shooting will be paid for by the shooter. Damage to cables: $100. Damage to target hanger: $50. Any other damage will be assessed as needed.
  • Without prior approval, spectators are to remain in the retail/lounge areas.
  • Children must be directly supervised at all times!
  • No one is allowed to shoot or rent a firearm who does not meet federal, state, and local requirements to possess a firearm. Minor children may shoot with a responsible adult.
  • The range and its staff will be held not liable for the damage or injury incurred from the use of ammunition purchased. Any such issues must be resolved with the ammunition manufacturer.
  • The drivers license of all shooters will be held while they are shooting.
  • No smoking at any time in the building.
  • When entering or leaving the range, make sure only one door is open at a time to limit noise.
  • Any person with limiting physical conditions must ask range personnel for assistance.
  • Please put brass and shells into provided containers, or sweep forward of the firing line to allow safe footing.
  • The Range offers an excellent lounge area and rest rooms, and several conveniently close locations to obtain food. The consumption of food or drink is not allowed in the actual shooting areas, nor are they to be brought into the range building from outside.
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